• N-ellcor Oxi-max DB9 9pin MAX-A Disposable SpO2 Sensor PM100N NPB-4000 Adult Non-Woven Fabric
  • N-ellcor Oxi-max DB9 9pin MAX-A Disposable SpO2 Sensor PM100N NPB-4000 Adult Non-Woven Fabric
  • N-ellcor Oxi-max DB9 9pin MAX-A Disposable SpO2 Sensor PM100N NPB-4000 Adult Non-Woven Fabric
  • N-ellcor Oxi-max DB9 9pin MAX-A Disposable SpO2 Sensor PM100N NPB-4000 Adult Non-Woven Fabric
N-ellcor Oxi-max DB9 9pin MAX-A Disposable SpO2 Sensor PM100N NPB-4000 Adult Non-Woven Fabric

N-ellcor Oxi-max DB9 9pin MAX-A Disposable SpO2 Sensor PM100N NPB-4000 Adult Non-Woven Fabric

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: BESTMED& OEM
Certification: ISO13485& DOC
Model Number: BSAY01-13

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 25pcs
Price: depends on quantity & negotiation
Packaging Details: 1pcs per bag then 50pcs into a big PE bag or pack according to customers requirement
Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 50000 pcs per Month
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Detail Information

Properties: Medical Accessories Type: Surgical Supplies
Instrument Classification: Class II Tech: N-ellcor Oxi-max Tech
Connector: DB9 9Pin Product Name: N-ellcor Oxi-max DB9 9pin MAX-A Disposable SpO2 Sensor
Packing: 1pcs Per Bag Patient: Adult / Neonate / Pediatric / Infant
Material: Non-woven Fabric Length: 85CM
High Light:

9pin MAX-A Disposable SpO2 Sensor


Non-woven Fabric Disposable SpO2 Probe

Product Description

1. Product Name


N-ellcor DB9 9pin MAX-A Disposable SpO2 Sensor PM100N NPB-4000 adult Non-woven Fabric Disposable SpO2 Probe



2. Feature Of Disposable Spo2 Sensor

- Safe & comfortable : Optimized technology to dispose of sticking surface,so that the skin will almost not feel any stimulation or pressure.

- Strong compatibility: According to the test,our disposable spo2 sensors can be compatible with most of the patient monitors.

- Flexibility use : The same disposable spo2 sensor can be used for large adult and as neonate.

- Simple use : "Based on the principle of human engineering design, make this sensor is light and flexible,the patient can easily according to need to adjust the position. "

- Accurate figure : High quality pre adjustable LED disposable spo2 sensor provides data quickly and accurately.

- Superior quality&durability: Best Med also chooses different types to ensure the long time use for single patient.

- Reliable quality : high quality and durable characteristics, combined with the newest advanced design concepts to ensure that the data provide stability and reliability.



3. Technical Parameters



Range (80%-100%)

Accuracy ±2%



Range (70%-89%)

Accuracy ±3%



Range ( < 69%)

no specified


Pulse Rate

20-250 bpm

Accuracy ± 3digits



4. OEM Part Number Cross References:

Manufacturer OEM Part #
Covidien > N-ellcor MAX-A, MAX-AI
Draeger MX50065
GE Healthcare > Marquette 70124027
Mindray > Datascope 0010-10-12202
Sage DP060X-09M
Stryker > Med-tronic > Physio Control 11996-000113



5. Compatibility:




Explorer, Monarch


M9500, Q Series, Q3, Q5, Q7





Covidien > N-ellcor

N-10, N-180, N-190, N-20, N-30, N-560, N-600, N-600x, N-65, N-85, NPB-190, NPB-195, NPB-3910, NPB-3920, NPB-3930, NPB-3940, NPB-40, NPB-4000, NPB-75, PM100N, PM10N, Sensors that have N-ellcor Oxi-max Technology and 9 pins


506DNV3, 506DNVP3, 506LNV3, 506LNVP3, 506NV3, 506NVP3


ASM 5000, Waveline, Waveline Plus




Infinity Delta, Infinity Delta XL, Infinity Kappa, Narkomed 6400

Fukuda Denshi

Dynascope DS-7100, LX-7230N

GE Healthcare > Critikon > Dinamap

B105, B125, Carescape B650, Carescape V100, Compact DINAMAP MPS, E-NSAT, Pro 1000, Pro 1000 V3, Pro 200, Pro 300, Pro Series V2, ProCare 200, ProCare 400, ProCare Ausculatory 400

GE Healthcare > Marquette

Dash 2500, Dash 3000, Dash 4000, Dash 5000, PDM Module, Procare B40, Solar 8000, Solar 8000M, Tram 451, i/9500


Vet 420A, Vet 600A

Med-tronic > Covidien

Capnostream 35 (PM35MN)

Midmark > Cardell

9403, 9405, 9500 Series, 9500HD, MAX-12 Duo HD

Mindray > Datascope

Accutorr Plus, BeneView T1, BeneVision N1, DPM5, DPM6, DPM7, Duo, Expert, Passport, Passport 12, Passport 2, Passport 8, Passport V, Passport XG, Spectrum, Spectrum OR, Trio, V-Series, ePM 10M, ePM 12M, iPM-9800


Surveyor S12/S19

Omron > Colin

BP-S510, T105NXM


FM20, FM30, Heartstream XL, IntelliVue, IntelliVue FAST-SpO2, IntelliVue MP2, IntelliVue MP70, IntelliVue MX450, M1020B, M2601A, M3000A, M3001A, M3001A A02, M3001A A02C06, M3001A A02C12, M3001A A02C18, M3001A A04, M3001A A04C06, M3001A A04C12, M3001A A04C18, M3002A, M3002A MMS X2, M3500B, M4735A, M8102A, M8102A MP2, M8105A MP5, M8105AS, MP 30, SureSigns VS2, SureSigns VS3

Smiths Medical > BCI

3100, 3101, 3180, 3300, 3301, 3302, 3303, 3304, 3401, 6100, 9100, Advisor, Autocorr, Mini Torr, Mini Torr Plus


Ultraview SL, Ultraview SL 2700

Stryker > Med-tronic > Physio Control

Lifepak 12, Lifepak 15

Welch Allyn

1500, 42NT0-E1 LXi, 52N00, 52N0P, 52NT0, 52NT1, 53N00, 53N0P, 53NT0, 53NTP, 64NTPE-B, 64NTPX-2, 64NTPX-3, 64NTPX-4, 64NTPX-5, 64NTPX-6, 64NTPX-7, 64NTPX-A, 64NTPX-B, 64NTPX-N, 64NTPX-Y, 64NTXE-B, 64NTXX-2, 64NTXX-3, 64NTXX-4, 64NTXX-5, 64NTXX-6, 64NTXX-7, 64NTXX-A, 64NTXX-B, 64NTXX-N, 64NTXX-Y, 64NXPE-2, 64NXPE-3, 64NXPE-4, 64NXPE-5, 64NXPE-6, 64NXPE-7, 64NXPE-A, 64NXPE-B, 64NXPE-N, 64NXPE-Y, 64NXPX-2, 64NXPX-3, 64NXPX-4, 64NXPX-5, 64NXPX-6, 64NXPX-7, 64NXPX-A, 64NXPX-B, 64NXPX-N, 64NXPX-Y, 64NXXE-2, 64NXXE-3, 64NXXE-4, 64NXXE-5, 64NXXE-6, 64NXXE-7, 64NXXE-A, 64NXXE-B, 64NXXE-N, 64NXXE-Y, 64NXXX-2, 64NXXX-3, 64NXXX-4, 64NXXX-5, 64NXXX-6, 64NXXX-7, 64NXXX-A, 64NXXX-B, 64NXXX-N, 64NXXX-Y, 65NTPE-B, 65NTPX-2, 65NTPX-3, 65NTPX-4, 65NTPX-5, 65NTPX-6, 65NTPX-7, 65NTPX-A, 65NTPX-B, 65NTPX-N, 65NTPX-Y, 65NTXE-B, 65NTXX-2, 65NTXX-3, 65NTXX-4, 65NTXX-5, 65NTXX-6, 65NTXX-7, 65NTXX-A, 65NTXX-B, 65NTXX-N, 65NTXX-Y, 65NXPE-2, 65NXPE-3, 65NXPE-4, 65NXPE-5, 65NXPE-6, 65NXPE-7, 65NXPE-A, 65NXPE-B, 65NXPE-N, 65NXPE-Y, 65NXPX-2, 65NXPX-3, 65NXPX-4, 65NXPX-5, 65NXPX-6, 65NXPX-7, 65NXPX-A, 65NXPX-B, 65NXPX-N, 65NXPX-Y, 65NXXE-2, 65NXXE-3, 65NXXE-4, 65NXXE-5, 65NXXE-6, 65NXXE-7, 65NXXE-A, 65NXXE-B, 65NXXE-N, 65NXXE-Y, 65NXXX-2, 65NXXX-3, 65NXXX-4, 65NXXX-5, 65NXXX-6, 65NXXX-7, 65NXXX-A, 65NXXX-B, 65NXXX-N, 65NXXX-Y, 67NCDX-B, 67NCEP-B, 67NCEX-B, 67NCTP-B, 67NCTP-B-ECG3A, 67NCTX-B, 67NCXP-B, 67NCXX-B, 67NSEP-B, 67NSEX-B, 67NSTP-B, 67NSTX-B, 67NSXP-B, 67NSXX-B, 67NXDX-B, 67NXEP-B, 67NXEX-B, 67NXTP-B, 67NXTP-B-ECG3A, 67NXTX-B, 67NXXP-B, 67NXXX-B, 68NCDX-B, 68NCEP-B, 68NCEX-B, 68NCTP-B, 68NCTX-B, 68NCXP-B, 68NCXX-B, 68NSEP-B, 68NSEX-B, 68NSTP-B, 68NSTX-B, 68NSXP-B, 68NSXX-B, 68NXDX-B, 68NXEP-B, 68NXEX-B, 68NXTP-B, 68NXTX-B, 68NXXP-B, 68NXXX-B, 71WT-B Connex Spot, 73CE-B, 73CT-B, 74CE-B, 74CT-B, 74CX-B, 75CE-B, 75CT-B, 75CX-B, 901058, All, Atlas (N-ellcor SpO2), Atlas 6200 Series, Connex 6000 series, Encore 202EL, Propaq 244, Propaq CS, Propaq LT, Spot Vital Signs 42MOB, Spot Vital Signs 42NOB, Spot Vital Signs 42NTB-E1



6. Other Models :



Sensor Desription


DB9 9Pin Adult Non-woven Fabric


DB9 9Pin Peidatric Non-woven Fabric


DB9 9Pin Infant Non-woven Fabric


DB9 9Pin Adult/Neoante Non-woven Fabric


DB9 9Pin Adult Skin Stretch Fabric


DB9 9Pin Peidatric Skin Stretch Fabric


DB9 9Pin Infant Skin Stretch Fabric


DB9 9Pin Adult/Neonate Skin Stretch Fabric


DB9 9Pin Adult/Neoante Blue Spong


DB9 9Pin Pediataric/Infant Blue Spong


DB9 9Pin Adult Skin White Foam


DB9 9Pin Pediatric Skin White Foam


DB9 9Pin Infant Skin White Foam


DB9 9Pin Adult/Neonate White Foam



7. Company Product :


1)Resusable SpO2 Sensor and Disposable SpO2 Sensor
2) SpO2 Extension Cable and spo2 adapter cable
3) ECG Cable ,EKG cable , Holter Cable and disposable ECG cable
4) ECG/EKG Electrode
5 IBP Cable and IBP transducer
6) Resusable Temperature Probe and disposable Temperature Probe
7) NIBP Cuff and NIBP hose(NIBP tube)
8) Fetal transducer
9) EEG Cable and EEG hat (EEG cap)
10) Ultrasound probe, compatible ultrasound probe
11)Etco2 sensor&Accessory
12) Medical Connector,Spare parets of patient cable

N-ellcor Oxi-max DB9 9pin MAX-A Disposable SpO2 Sensor PM100N NPB-4000 Adult Non-Woven Fabric 0

N-ellcor Oxi-max DB9 9pin MAX-A Disposable SpO2 Sensor PM100N NPB-4000 Adult Non-Woven Fabric 1



8. Certificates


N-ellcor Oxi-max DB9 9pin MAX-A Disposable SpO2 Sensor PM100N NPB-4000 Adult Non-Woven Fabric 2



9. FAQ


Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are original manufacturer. We can do OEM/ODM business.


Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Stock order :1-2 days
Normal order 2-4 days
Batch order depends on production & order quantity and negotiation.

Q: What is your terms of payment and way of payment?
A: 100% payment in advance. Payment by TT/Western Union/Paypal/Alibaba/Ali pay/Wechat /L/C(some countries )are acceptable.

Q: How to buy your products?
A: You can buy the products from our company directly.Normally the procedure is sign the contract, make payment,Contact the courier to deliver goods .


Q: What is way of shippment?
A: 1. We ship goods by DHL/Fedex/UPS/EMS/TNT/Shunfeng Express
2. We can give goods to our customers' courier agent and freight from factory to shenzhen agent is free.


Q:Can your provide customize or OEM service?

A:1. We can add customer's logo on the product or package if samples or design is provided.

2. We can provide design service or manufacture if sample or design is provided.


Q: Can we become your distributor in local?

A: Yes ,We are looking for distributors in every country or region .If you are interested in distribution ,you can email us freely.


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